Elsie Szirbek and Perry H. McElfresh, ca 1946. Photo courtesy of Sidney McElfresh.
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Do you know any of these fellows? This photo of Civil War Veterans from the Summerfield, Ohio area pictured circa 1895 is courtesy of John D.Ogden. To enlarge the photo for a closer look, click on "view larger". Please contact us if you think you can identify anyone pictured here.

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William McElfresh was born in 1771 in Montgomery County, Maryland, son of Richard and Susannah McElfresh. He married Elizabeth Bedson on August 8, 1795 and they raised a family of ten known children. William and his family did not move west as his father and brothers did at the turn of the century. This McElfresh family traveled west in the 1820's and settled in Belmont County, Ohio where William died in 1847.
Of the ten children of William and Elizabeth, seven have present day descendants, including me, researching their lines. What we have done here is to create a page for each researcher to share their McElfresh discoveries in their line. Each child of William and Elizabeth is listed below, just click on the child's name to go the page about that child and their descendants.

  Margaret: 1796-1813 married Daniel Hall
: 1797-? married Adam Hamilton
October 4, 1799-October 20, 1848
Quiller Garrison
: 1801-before 1867
1804- August 4, 1864
1807-1892 married Joseph Clark
: 1808-? married William Tilton
Joshua Hanson:
March 8, 1814-February 25, 1899
: 1817-? married James Miracle
Henry W.:
May 12, 1818-October 12, 1870 

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