Nathan McElfresh
Primary Investigator: Joan McElfresh Leonard


Nathan McElfresh was born in Maryland circa 1804 and died August 4, 1864 in Washington Co. OH. He married Hannah Berkinsha, born 1806 in Pennsylvania, about 1821 and they had eleven children.For more information on each child just click on their name.
1. Elizabeth married Michael Thomas
2. James married Sarah Smith
3. William married Elizabeth Haynes
4. Patience married Isaac Miracle
5. Henry married 1. Mary Jane Wheeler 2. Mary Seevers
6. Cornelius married Catherine King
7. female
8. Samuel Wilson married Ruth Harris
9. Mary
10. John W., died in Civil War, unmarried
11. Frederick Garrison married Rachel Jane King

Cornelius McElfresh with possibly a grandson.
Photo on a postcard Cornelius sent to his brother
Fred. Photo taken prior to 1913.

Children of Nathan and Hannah Berkinsha McElfresh


 1. Elizabeth, born 1820-25, married Michael THOMAS on 16 November 1848 in Belmont Co. Children: 1. Mary Louisa (1853-) married Christian ZUMBRUNNEN
                         Mary Louisa and Christian had two daughters: Annie (1878-) and Mattie (1879-).                          This family is last  found in Ohio in Monroe Co. in the 1880 census.
              2.Rachel J. (1858-) married Edward TAYLOR.

2. James, born 6 August 1821 in Pennsylvania. He is the only child to not have been born in Ohio. Either this was a recording error in the census and death records or Nathan and Hannah met and married sometime between his family's departure of Maryland and arrival in Ohio. James died in Monroe Co.OH on 20 February 1911. He married Sarah I. SMITH about 1850 as they appear in that census together but without children.
Children: 1. Amanda J. (1852-) married John COFFEY
               2. John N. (1856-1913) married Olive BALLINGER
               3. Henry M. (1859-aft. 1918) married 1.Elizabeth HOWELL 2. Sarah Maria COFFEY
               4. Harvey (1863-1939) married 1. Susan B. WILLIAMS 2. Louisa Ellen BAKER
               5. Isaphine (1865-bef 1911) married Leander MARTIN.

3. Willliam, born 1825, has been the most difficult to verify as a child of Nathan and Hannah. Belmont County marriage records list a William McElfresh marrying Elizabeth HAYNES on 4 December 1845. A careful review of the census records for the years prior to 1850 show that all other Williams appearing in the 1850 census are accounted for in households other than Nathan's. The census records have this second son of Nathan ready to emerge by 1850. Additionally, the names William selected for his children follow strongly with the names of his parents and siblings with 7 of his 9 children.The 1870 census is the last record of this family in Ohio.
Children:1. Nathaniel (1847-1869) Served in Civil War.
              2.Cornelius (1851-1874?) married Margaret DORNAN
              3. Henry (1853- bef 1875) married Mary CASSIDY
              4. John (1856-1916) married Barbara Ellen JOHNS
              5. Samuel (1857-)
              6. Hannah (1859-)
              7. Miles (1860-)
              8. Elizabeth (1861-1869)
              9. Leander (1865-)

4. Patience Anna, born 1831, married Isaac MIRACLE in 1850-51. No death records for either Patience or Isaac have been found. They are last found in the 1880 census in Washington Co. Coincidently, Patience's aunt Patience married James Miracle, Isaac's older brother, making her a sister-in-law as well as an aunt.
Children: 1. Hannah (1850-) married 1.Wallace CHAMBERLAIN 2. Eli SMITH
               2. Margaret (1853-) married James RITCHEY
               3. Martha (1855-)
               4. McClellan (1863-1933) married 1.Hattie HILL 2. Stella HARSHA.

5. Henry, born January 1835, married 1.Mary Jane WHEELER about 1854.
Children: 1.Maria (1849-)
               2. Sarah Ann (1855-) married Isaac CUMMINGS
               3. Hannah Jane (1857-1936) married Isaac FELTER
               4. Harriet E.(1860-1861)
               5. John William (1865-) married Caroline SMITH
               6. Pamela (1867-1943) married Job DEARTH
               7. Mary Lena (1868-)married Nelson BURGHEY
               8. George Watson (1868-1933) married Katherine SEEVERS.
Mary Jane died in 1899 and later that year Henry married 2.Mary B. SEEVERS. Oddly, Mary B. was the sister of his daughter-in-law Katherine SEEVERS who his son George married in 1894. This family lived in Washington Co. and it is believed that Henry died there in 1907-08.
Children: 1. Martha (1900-1960) married Charles JOY
               2. Nancy (1902-1996) married Harry DUFFEY

6.Cornelius was born August 26, 1835 and died on January 16, 1913 in Summerfield, Ohio. A veteran of the Civil War, he married Catherine KING.
Children: 1.Welcome Leroy (1857-)
               2. Martha A (1859-1927) married Charles CORWIN
               3. William Riley (1861-1931) married Alice WOODARD
               4. Elijah (1864-)married Lucy KING
               5. James Listen (1865-1940) married Harriet MOORE
               6. Elizabeth (1868-) married J. Wesley KING
               7. Hannah (1869-aft 1931)married D. M. SHAW
               8. Charles (1872- 1908) married Elizabeth PALMER
               9. Henrietta (1874-)married Thomas DAVISON
               10. Ada (1876-)
               11. Thomas (1879-) married Mary Gee

7. A daughter under age five is indicated in the 1940 census record for Nathan. No information has been yet discovered which names this child and tells her fate.

8.Samuel Wilson was born in January 1836 and he married Ruth HARRIS about 1860 as they indicate in the 1900 census that they have been married for 40 years.
Children: 1.George (1861-1943) married Elizabeth Jenny Mozena
               2. Nancy (1864-)
               3. Isaac  (1868-1870)      
               4. Joseph Oscar (1870-) married Julia BURDETT
               5. Mary (1876-)
               6. Charles (1877-1917) married 1. Daisy MYERS 2. Ora PENTICOST
               7. Harry (1879-) married Cora JOHNSON.

9. Mary C. was born around 1842. She is found in the 1850 and 1860 census with Nathan. She presumably married but she has not yet been found.

10. John W. was born in 1845. He died of smallpox 12 January 1864 while serving in the Civil War. Never married and left no issue.

11. Frederick Garrison was born July 4, 1848 and died December 13, 1918 in Muskingum Co. OH. He married Rachel Jane KING, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Snyder King on December 6, 1868 in Noble Co. OH.
Children: 1. Samuel W. (1870-1927) married Bertha SMALLWOOD
               2. John Wesley (1871-1948) married 1.Ella SULLIVAN 2. Cora Belle BOOZ
               3. Henry (1874-bef 1880) died as a child
               4. Herbert (1876-1944) married Sadie CRAIG
               5. Diantha (1879-1881)
               6. Ruth (1883-1961) married 1.John NUNN 2.W.E. SHEETS 3.Carl WILLIAMS
               7. Luella (1886-bef. 1920)married William OKEY.

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