If the three most important factors in buying real estate are location, location, location, then the three three most important factors in genealogical research are documentation, documentation, documentation. We have strived to note sources whenever possible. Many of our family reseachers have made great contributions to the discovery of our roots and have nicely compiled them in books/booklets.

This page is dedicated to such publications and other sources that have been particularly valuable in documenting our families' histories. We have tried to include sources which are more obscure and very often more valuable than the traditional sources of census, birth and death records. Bob O'Neal has written a nice article regarding proper source documentation.


Carleton Tabler, seated, others unknown ca. 1918. Photo courtesy of Iris McElfresh


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Compiled Family Histories


  • Burnett, John D. Descendants of Quiller Garrison McElfresh. Atwater, CA. 1998.
    contact: JBUC5315@aol.com
  • McElfresh, Melvin P. Henry W. McElfresh Family History.San Antonio, TX. c1997.
    contact: mcelfres@texas.net
  • Miracle, James L. A Genealogical History of the Miracle Family. Vienna, WV. 1998.
    contact: turtlem@wirefire.com
  • Moylan, Charles E. Richard McElfresh 1724-1808, The Third Generation; Beginnings of the Western Migration. Baltimore, MD. revised 1998
  • Moylan, Charles E. Reconstructing London Town, An Exercise in Deduction. Baltimore, MD. 1998.
  • Ogden, John D. L. Descendants of Joshua and Mary Ann Scott McElfresh: Pioneer Settlers of Monroe County. Arlington, VA.
  • O'Neal, Wm. Robert.Descendants of David Maclefrish and Alice Jones, his wife, of London Towne, Maryland, 1658-1712: A Family Genealogy. Tacoma, WA. 1994, revised 1997.
    contact: WRONeal1@aol.co
  • McElfresh, C. Ray. One Line of Descent in America of Johne Macklefreise and Janet Thomsone. Albuquerque, NM. 1999.


  • Henry, William Leslie. The Tabler Lion. Carrollton, OH. 1962-? This family newsletter was published at least through 1967. Please contact us if you have a complete collection.
  • Henry, William Leslie. The Saga of Johann Melgior Tabler. Carrollton, OH. 1962.
  • Tabler, Loretta Bibb. Tabler Genealogy 1732-1992. Clarksburg, IN. 1992.
    contact: Imbt@thepoint.net



  • Hudlow, Charles C. Hudlows in America revised edition 1999. McDonough,GA. 1999. An updated version of Hudlows in America by Marguerite E. Robinson (LCC# 99-232436).
    contact: hudlowhiway@aol.com
  • Hudlow, Charles C. Hudlow Highway. Family Newsletter.



  • Hochstetler, Harvey. Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler. copyright 1977 Eli J. Hochstetler.






Cochran Publications
2515 10th Avenue
Parkersburg, WV 26101-5829

(304) 442-1774/wescochran@juno.com

A great resource for census and marriage records, primarily for West Virginia but also includes Belmont, Meigs, Monroe, Noble and Washington Counties in Ohio.


The History of Hyattstown, Maryland
by Dona Cuttler

This book published in celebration of the Hyattstown bicentennial in 1998. Chronicles the people and events which shaped the town.

Published by: Heritage Books
1540 Pointer Ridge Place
Bowie, MD 20716

Provincial Families of Maryland, Volume 1
compiled by Vernon L. Skinner, Jr.

This book includes Ann McElfresh Bolt's contribution of McElfreshes to this compilation of early Maryland families and their descendants.

Published by: Family Line Publications
65 East Main Street
Westminster, MD 221157-5036
email: famline@cct.infi.net

Documenting Genealogical Sources
submitted by Bob O'Neal

I would commend one textbook above all others to the study of genealogy and family history: "The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy" by Val D.Greenwood, Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1973, 1983 and later editions. His Part II covers 'Records and their Use'. There is a standardized way to document sources. It is an important part of all kinds of scientific research conducted by our learned scholars.

These standards, for genealogists, were very well described in one article which awakened me to the importance of documentation: "Documentation Places Sources within Easy Reach" (1990), by genealogical scholar Myra Vanderpool Gromley whose column is syndicated in over 200 periodicals and newspapers. (Los AngelesTimes Syndicate).

The best guide on citation of sources can be found in a little inexpensive book ($10.45 postpaid) called, "Cite Your Sources", by Richard S. Lackey. It is available from Heritage Quest. [now P.O. Box 1119], Orting WA 98360.

I hope this information can help younger (or newer) genealogists out there and save a lot of extra work and grief over lost sources later. There is no excuse for not doing it right the first time. Please feel free to pass this on (early and often) to others new to genealogy. We family historians have an obligation to nag each other this subject (again and again) so our precious work remains credible to future generations.

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