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 Illinois 1840
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McElfresh, John  1  1  1  1  2  1  1  1  1
Upton B
McLean Co. 261
Illinois 1850
 McFresh A.B.  36/PA/farming Shelby Co.  p96 #816
  Luiza 33/OH    
  John 11/IN    
 McElfresh Ann 58/KY Morgan Co. 142
  William 25/KY/teacher    
  Mary 20/KY    
  Greenbury 18/KY/farmer    
 Mackirush Jesse   Green Co. Carroll Twp. 084
 McIlfish Upton   McLean Co. Buckle 108
 McAfresh Aria 82/MD Moultrie Co. 395-395
 Drew Chesley 30/IN  note: living next to Abram Newland
  Malitah 19/IL    
  Mahulda 5/IL    
  John W 1/IL    
Nevel Robert 21/Ireland    
McElfresh John T. 28/VA/carpenter Sangamon Co. Springfield Twp. 69
McElfresh Aquila B.   Pike Co. 90
McKelfresh  Louisa 16/IL Lawrence Co.  
  enumerated with Daniel Miller (living next to Samuel)
McKelfresh Samuel 46/PA/farmer Lawrence Co.  
  Mary 40/OH    
  Isreal 21/OH    
  Maria 20/OH    
  America 14/IN    
  David 12/IN    
  Empress 10/IN    
  Ruth A 6/IN    
  Nancy 2/IL    
  Elmer 1m/IL    
  Illinois 1860
Bryant Wm. C. 28/IN/farm labor  Shelby Co.  458
  Louisa F. 23/TN    
  Lydia J. 1/IL    
McElfresh Josiah 4/IL    
McClefresh  Jerry 33/IN Lawrence Co. Christy Twp. 105
  enumerated with Andrew Couchman   
McClefresh Maria 26/OH Lawrence Co. Christy Twp. 110
  enumerated with James Scoat  
McClefresh Mary 45/OH/farmer Lawrence Co. Petty Twp.97
  David 22/IN    
  Empress 17/IN    
  Ruth 16/IL    
  Nancy 11/IL    
  Elmer 10/IL    
  Jane 5/IL    
  Ferdnand 3/IL    
McElfish Henry   Bureau Co. Bureau Twp. 671
McElfish Joseph   Dewitt Co. DeWitt 270
McElfish Alexander   McLean Co. Downs Twp.378
McElfresh William   Adams Co. Quincy ward3 160
McElfresh Francis A. 57/PA/laborer Macoupin Co. Shipman P.O. 217
  Elizabeth 48/Scotland    
  Emirilla R. 19/OH    
  Daniel L. 17/OH/laborer    
  Lucy A. 12/OH    
  Edmond A. 9/OH  
McElfresh Mary 28/KY teacher Morgan Co. Jacksonville 87
  enumerated with    
Buckingham James 50/VA plasterer    
  Martha A. 37/KY  (Mary's sister)  
  Harriet A. 18/IL    
  Frances 14/IL    
  John 13/IL    
McElfresh A.   Pike Co. Pleasant Hill Twp. 616
McElfresh William M.   Pike Co. Griggsville Twp. 302
McElfresh Isaac   Union Co. Cobden P.O. 682

Illinois 1870
McElfresh A.V. 50/KY Sangamon Co. Gardner Twp. 281/177
McElfresh Alexander 53/VA McLean Co. Empire Twp. 400
McElfresh Daniel 60/Scotland Edgar Co. Shiloh Twp.218/224
McElfresh Daniel 25/IL Fulton Co. Canton Wd4 222/420
McElfresh David 32/IN Lawrence Co. Petty Twp.245/129
McElfresh Emma 27/IN Lawrence Co. Sumner Twp. 245/60
Macelfresh Enn (f) 19/IL Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 245/129
McKillish  Francis 33/NY Lake Co. Sheilds Twp. 242/660
McElfrich Greenbury 38/KY/Minister of the Gospel Schuyler Co. Rushville Twp. 276/190
  Elvira  35/OH    
  Mary A.  6/IL    
  William E. 2/IL    
  Mary F. 40/KY/school teacher    
McElfish Henry 40/NY Bureau Co. Bureau Twp. 190/204
McElfush Isaac 58/MD/retired Marshall Co. Wenona Twp.104/96
  Maria 54/OH    
  James 31/VA/laborer    
McElfresh Jesse 47/VA Livingston Co. Long Point 183
McElfred John T. 50/MD Sangamon Co. Illiopolis Twp. 281/189
McElfresh Rosa 8/IL Logan Co. Atlanta Twp. 248/124
Mackelfresch William 17/OH Adams Quincy Wd3 187/479
McElfresh  William  45/KY/Minister of Gospel  Morgan Co.  Waverly Pct. 579 
  Matilda  37/OH     
  Annie  14/IL     
  Kate  6/IL     


Illinois 1880
McCelfresh Isiah 24/IL/f.PA m.PA/farmer Shelby Co. 43A
  Elizabeth 23/IL/f.? m.?    
  Minie E. 4/12 (Jan)/IL/f.IL m.IL daughter  
  George 27/IL/f.PA m.PA/carpenter brother  
  Abslam 66/PA/f.? m.?/farmer father  
McElfresh  A.B. 60/MD/ME Minister Coles Co. Humbolt Twp. 106B
  Nannie 53/KY    
  Cornelia A. 25/IL    
McElfresh Alex 63/VA/farmer McLean Co. LeRoy Twp. 450B
  Lydia 55/OH    
 Edwards Almira 19/IL/servant    
McElfresh Amanda 42/-- Franklin Co. Ewing 252/260
  enum with  James Tennyson    
McElfresh  Ferdinand 22/IL/laborer Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 72C
  enum with George Douglas    
McElfresh  George 27/IL/farmer Iroquois Co. Artesia Twp. 5A
McElfresh  Greenbury R.S. 48/KY Adams Co. Payton Twp. 1/23/22/41
  Elvira  44/OH    
  Mary A. 16/IL    
  William E 12/IL    
  Fred M 6/IL    
Bennett Mary F 50/KY (sister)    
McElfresh  Jessie 57/VA/farmer Livingston Co. Long Point Twp. 38D
  Elizabeth 49/OH    
  Isabell 17/VA    
  Seigle 16/VA    
  Dora 14/VA    
  Jessie 11/IL    
McElfresh Joshua 62/OH Montgomery Co. Zanesville Twp. 42/159/8/1
  Alivina 42/VA    
  Jerome 34/OH    
  Lucy 22/OH    
  Adam 19/MO    
  Mevin (m) 15/IL    
  Charley 13/IL    
  Edie (f) 13/IL    
  Della 6/IL    
McKelfresh David 43/IN Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 33/193/33/48
  Elizabeth 32/OH    
  Harry 10/IL    
  Frederic 9/IL    
  Emmet 4/IL    
  Plenny 5/12/IL    
McKelfresh Elmer 29/IL Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 33/193/36/6
  Caroline 29/OH    
  Charles 5/IL    
McKelpesh John T. 62/MD Sangamon Co. Gardner Twp.50/208/23/39
  Angeline 42/IL    
  Charley H 16/IL    
  Annie 14/IL    
  Willie 10/IL    
  Ella M. 6/IL    
McElfresh Thomas 23/OH/farmer Montgomery Co. Zanesville Twp. 446A
  Mary 20/IL    
  Birdie 10months/IL    
McElfresh  Thomas 22/OH/farm laborer Champaign Co. Condit Twp. 109D
  nephew with Kinneth Rhoten    
McElfresh  William 55/KY/minister Vermilion Co. Danville Twp. 384C
  Matelda J. 47/OH    
  Anna 24/IL    
  Katie 15/IL    
McElfresh  Zach 72/VA/shoemaker Edwards Co. Shelby Twp. 488D
  Isabella 64/VA    

 Illinois 1900
McElfresh  Alexander Sep1817/VA McLean Co. Empire Twp. 117/105/7/70
  Lydia Nov1825/OH    
McElfresh Andrew J. Jul1857/WV Moultrie Co. Sullivan Twp. 129/104/18/63
  sil of Rhuben Benton    
McElfresh Angie Jul1841/IL Sangamon Co. Capitol Twp. 144/94/3/17
  William Jun1868/IL    
McElfresh Angy M. Apr1868/IN Moultrie Co. Sullivan Twp. 129/104/18/64
  dau of Rhuben Benton    
McElfresh Anna L. Nov1872/KS Bond Co. Central Twp. 4/3/10/26
  matron Greenville College    
McElfresh Byrd Aug1879/IL Montgomery Co. Zanesville Twp. 127/96/6/100
  boarder w/George Jennings    
McIlfresh Charles Jul1863/IL Sangamon Co. Mechanicsburg Twp. 145/116/16/67
McElfresh Charles A. Feb 1867/IL Montgomery Co. Zanesville Twp. 127/96/1/46
  Martha E. May1865/IL    
  Toshir L. Aug 1891/IL    
  Willis L. Aug 1898/IL    
McElfresh Clement L. Aug1864/IN White Co. Carmi Twp. 156/110/23/50
McElfrish Daniel L. Mar1843/OH Kankakee Co. Kankakee twp. 103/44/12/4
  inmate at IL Eastern Hosp. for the Insane  
McKelfresh Dave Feb1838/IN Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 110/116/9/29
  Lizzie Mar1848/OH    
  Emmet Mar1877/IL    
  Pliny Nov1879/IL    
Goss Gemima May1824/OH mil  
McElfresh Dave Nov1880/IL Montgomery Co. Pitman Twp. 127/81/10/26
  servant w/Frank Canby    
McElfresh Edward Jun1896/IN Clark Co. Westfield Twp. 11/17/8/36
  gson w/Davis Swickard    
McElfresh  Ella R. Nov1883/KS Bond Co. Central Twp. 4/3/10/21
  student Greenville College    
McElfresh Elmer Apr1858/IL Wayne Co. Four Mile Twp. 155/97/7/41
  Caroline Mar1850/OH    
  Charlie Sep1874/IL    
  Gracie Jun1888/IL    
McKelfresh Ferd Mar1856/IL Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 110/116/9/84
  Florence Apr1861/IL    
  Frank Aug1885/IL    
  Jennie Sep1888/IL    
  Anna Jul1894/IL    
McElfresh Greenbury R Mar1832/KY Morgan Co. Jacksonville Twp. 128/92/17/80
  Elvira Jan1835/OH    
 Bennett Mary Sep1829/KY sister  
McElfresh H.M. Jan1859/IN Cook Co. Chicago 17/88/11/59
  Carrie Mar1864/KY    
 McNeil Carrie Apr1898/IL niece  
McKelfresh Harry Jan1870/IL Lawrence Co. Petty Twp. 110/116/7/84
  Nettie Mar1871/IL    
McElfresh Isiah Mar1856/IL Shelby Co. Herrick Twp.147/132/7/61
  Samantha Apr1857/IL    
  William H. Oct1884/IL    
  Charles Feb1887/IL    
  Lucy B Aug1890/IL    
  Earle E Feb1893/IL    
McElfresh James Dec1872/IN Cook Co. Chicago 51/717/6/90
  roomer w/ Harry Blackmore    
McElfresh Jerome Feb1851/OH Montgomery Co. Zanesville Twp. 127/96/3/77
  Winnie B. Nov1890/IL    
  Russell H. Dec1891/IL    
  Jessie E. Nov1894/IL    
McElfresh John E. Jan1852/IL Pike Co. Pleasant Hill Twp. 136/127/1/86
  Margaret Dec1856/IL    
  Homer D. Jan1884/IL    
  Howard V. Sep1886/IL    
  Henry G. Mar1892/IL    
McElfresh Joshua H. Mar1818/OH Montgomery Co. Zanesville Twp. 127/96/3/84
  Alvina Feb1834/VA    
  Mervin Sep1866/IL    
  Adam Aug1864/IL    
McElfresh Mary M. Dec1888/IL Moultrie Co. Sullivan Twp. 129/104/18/65
  gdau w/ Rhuben Benton    
McElfresh Mayme Mar1872/IL Clark Co. Westfield Twp. 11/17/8/35
  dau w/ Davis Swickard    
McElfresh Paul C. Nov1899/IN Clark Co. Westfield Twp. 11/17/8/37
  gson w/ Davis Swickard    
McElfresh  Thomas G. Jan1858/OH Montgomery Co. Pitman Twp. 127/81/9/88
  Mary E. Mar1860/IL    
  Madgeline Aug1883/IL    
  Grace Aug1886/IL    
  Walter May1888/IL    
  Nellie Dec1892/IL    
  Opal Jan1899/IL    
McElfresh Thomas J. Apr1858/OH Champaign Co. Champaign Twp. 8/7/10/32
  Molly Nov1864/KY    
  Nora Apr1881/Canada    
McElfresh Wilk Feb1858/PA Peoria Co. Logan Twp. 131/81/4/61
  Minnie I. Oct1868/IL    
  Amelia Jul1891/IL    
  John Jan1894/IL    
McElfresh William M. Apr1825/KY Morgan Co. Jacksonville Twp. 128/82/16/58
  Matilda J. Apr1833/OH    
  Ann C. Mar1856/IL    
  Cornelia A. May1848/IL    
McElfresh  Wiliam O. Aug1864/OH Champaign Co. Champaign Twp. 8/6/10/64
  Eldora Jun1856/OH sister  
  Katherine Jan1827/OH mother  
  Jane Apr1868/OH sister  

Illinois 1910
McElfrish Angin 68/IL Sangamon Co. Springfield Twp. 194/0144/0080
  boarder w/ Louis Constarid  
McElfresh Charles 44/IL Sangamon Co. Springfield Twp. 194/0143/0191
  Dor 45/IL    
McElfresh Charles 36/IL Wayne Co. Wayne Twp. 208/0132/0092
  Addie 24/IL    
  Dale 2/IL    
Mcelfrish Clifford 35/KY DeWitt Co. 017/0070/0070
    servant w/ JM Hall  
McElfresh Cornelia 61/IL Morgan Co. Jacksonville Twp. 170/0111/xx00
  Carrie L.      
McKelfresh David 72/OH Lawrence Co. 138/0129/0059
  Elizabeth 63/OH    
McElfresh Dooli 35/IL Vermilion Co. Danville Twp. 203/0146/0324
    servant w/ Frank Giddings  
McElfresh Eldora 53/OH Cook Co. Chicago 029/0230/0217
  Jane 42/OH sister  
McElfush Elmer 60/IL Wayne Co. Wayne Twp. 208/0132/0031
  Louisa C. 60/OH    
  Gracie 21/IL    
McElpesh Elvira 75/OH Champaign Co. Urbana Twp. 011/0041/0237
    enum w/ Mary Crain  
McKelfresh Emmett 34/IL Lawrence Co. St. Francis Twp. 138/0124/0352
    boarder w/ Simeon Couch  
McElfres Fontale 4/IL Fayette Co. 117/0055/0039
    sgs w/ George Montrey  
McKelfish Fred D. 38/IL Lawrence Co. Sumner Twp. 138/0123/0196
  Ora 41/IL    
  Hugh 12/IL    
  Ralph 9/IL    
McElfresh George W. 58/IL Fayette Co. 117/0055/0059
  Julia 47/IL    
  William B 23/IL    
  Ralph K 16/MO    
  Callia M 10/MO    
  Fay E. 9/MO    
McClefresh Isiah 54/IL Shelby Co. Herrick Twp. 195/0164/0138
  Elizabeth 53/IL    
  Earl 16/IL    
Brewer GW 30/IL sil  
  Lucy 19/IL dau  
  Florian 2/IL gdau  
  Vivian /IL gdau  
McElfresh Joshua H. 93/OH Montgomery Co. 169/0110/0139
  Mary E. 78/VA    
  Adam N. 40/MO    
  Mirrin H. 30/IL son  
McClefresa Liddia 85/OH McLean Co. 156/0121/0012
    enum w/ Joseph Healia  
McElfred Margaret 53/IL Pike Co. 179/0141/0127
  Homer 26/IL    
  Howard 23/IL    
  Grey 18/IL    
  Anna 22/IL dil  
McElfresh Matilda 77/OH Morgan Co. Jacksonville Twp. 170/0106/0205
 Blair George 55/IL sil  
  Catherine M 43/IL dau  
  McKendere 9/IL gson  
  Marian 7/IL gdau  
McElfresh Mrs. Eva 23/IL Montgomery Co. Litchfield 169/0099/0079
    enum w/ Mrs. Mary Clifton  
McElfres Nathan I. 4/IL Fayette Co. 117/0055/0039
    sgs w/ George Montrey  
McKelpesh Plenny 51/IL Lawrence Co. 138/0129/0164
  Sibley 27/IL    
  Lesle 2/IL    
McElfresh Thomas G. 53/OH Montgomery Co. Waggoner Village 169/0090/0007
  Mary E. 50/IL    
  Walter C 21/IL    
  Nellie B. 17/IL    
  Opal N. 11/IL    
McElfresh Tiny 24/IL Fayette Co. 117/0055/0039
    sd w/ George Montrey  
McELfresh William 51/PA Peoria Co. 177/0061/0298
  Minnie 41/IL    
  Amelia 18/IL    
  John 16/IL    
  Wihelmena 5/IL    
McElfred William 41/IL Sangamon Co. Springfield Twp. 193/0141/0245
  Eva J. 34/IL    
  Kathryn 6/ IL    
Martin Caroline 65/IL mother  

Illinois 1920 Soundex
McElfresh Adam 58/MO Montgomery Co. 198/113/8/33
McElfresh Angie 78/IL Sangamon Co. Springfield Twp. 223/146/9/45
 Price Anna L. 54/IL dau  
McElfresh Charley 44/IL Wayne Co. Wayne City Vil. 235/166/5/55
  Addie M. 34/IL    
  Kenneth D 12/IL    
McElfresh Cornelia A. 71/? Morgan Co. Jacksonville St. Hosp. 200/137/20/52
McKelfresh Dee 35/IL Lawrence Co. Bridgeport Twp. 168/146/5/50
  Edith 34/IN    
McElfresh Dr. 43/IL Sangamon Co. Springfield Twp. 223/157/6/14
  Dora 45/IL    
McElfresh E.E. 25/IL Coles Co. Charleston Twp. 16/57/9/73
  Pearl 26/IL    
  Jeraldien (m) 5/IL    
  Raymond 3 11/12/IL    
  Edward 1 8/12/IL    
McElfresh Eldora 63/OH Cook Co. Chicago 35/173/1/27
Jane 52/OH sis  
McKelfresh Elizabeth A 70/OH Lawrence Co. Sumner Twp. 168/152/9/100
McElfresh Emmet H. 42/IL Lawrence Co. St. Francisville Twp. 168/155/11/32
  Winnie B. 39/IL    
  Lois E. 7/IL    
  John D. 4 3/12/IL    
  Emmet H 10/12/IL    
McElfresh Fred A 47/IN Cook Co. Chicago 40/419/3/97
McKelfresh Frederick D 48/IL Lawrence Co. Sumner Twp. 168/152/10/13
  Ona 50/IL     
  Ralph G. 19/IL    
McElfresh Guy H. 27/IL Pike Co. 211/171/15/13
  Fay 24/IL    
  Earl S. 3 8/12/IL    
  Erma 2 6/12/IL    
  Maynard 3/12/IL    
McElfrish Isaiah 63/IL Shelby Co. 226/202/3/98
  Elizabeth 62/IL    
McElfresh J.A. 62/WV Moultrie Co. 203/176/4/68
  Myrtle A. 51/IN    
McElfresh J.J. 44/IN Vermilion Co. Danville Twp. 232/161/1/80
  lodger with Lillian Goff    
McElfresh James W. 19/OH Lake Co. 122/263/50/15
  U.S. Naval Training St.    
McElfresh John 33/IL Greene Co. 145/46/18/92
  Anna 32/IL    
  Carl 7/IL    
  Dorthy 5/IL    
McElfresh John 28/KY St. Clair Co. Belleville 26/113/3/48
  Stella 34/IL    
  Dorothy 2/IN    
  Virginia 2mos/IL    
Gannon George 15/IL ss  
Brown James 84/IL gf  
McElfresh John I. 25/IL Peoria Co. 206/60/7/53
  Etta M. 23/IL    
  Jacob W. 3 1/12/IL    
  Violet M. 0/12/IL    
McElfresh Margaret 63/IL Pike Co. Pleasant Hill 211/171/3/62
  Homer 36/IL    
McElfresh Mayme E. 47/IL Clark Co. Westfield Twp. 14/22/7/13
  dau w/ Davis Swickard    
McElfresh Merve 54/IL Montgomery Co. 198/113/6/52
McElfresh Minnie R. 51/IL Peoria Co. 206/60/7/68
  Wilhelmina I. 15/IL    
McElfesh Mitida 86/OH Morgan Co. Jacksonville Twp. 200/129/7/84
  mil w/George Blair    
McElfresh Paul C. 20/IN Clark Co. Westfield Twp. 14/22/7/14
  gson w/Davis Swickard    
McKelfresh Pleny 40/IL Lawrence Co. 168/164/3/33
  Sibley 35/IL    
  Leslie (m) 12/IL    
McElfresh Roland 26/IN Iroquis Co. 154/67/2/66
  Raymond 3/IL    
  Eveyline 2 4/12/IL    
McElfresh Russell 28/IL Montgomery Co. 198/113/3/33
McElfresh Thomas G. 63/OH Montgomery Co. Waggoner Twp. 198/93/8/68
  Mary E. 59/IL    
  Walter C. 31/IL    

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